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Myakka River Paddle Trip Sept 2021

Well, its September and it’s still hot, but it’s doesn’t stop us from getting out and paddling.  The Myakka River had lots of water which is the best for paddling it.  The Myakka River paddle trip starts from the lake and over or around the Weir.  The river takes you through a grassy marsh then winds past palm tree forested banks. With a few live oaks with there mossy beards thrown in for good measure.  This river is known for its alligators; however, we didn’t see very many out today with the high-water level.  We did have one problem with the gators in that they closed our normal lunch area because of a couple nuisance gators.  The gators were fed by visitors which makes them unafraid of people.  FYI never feed wild alligators it will make them dangerous, and there is a $10,000 fine for doing so.  We didn’t see these gators today.  We paddled farther down river next to the Bridge to have lunch.  We saw one good sized gator on the down river side of the bridge while having lunch.  The downside of the high water was there was a good current going back.  It’s also harder to follow the river with all the water. But we made it back without any problems.  There were not as many birds as on past trips, but we did see the bald eagle, some ibis, and a few heron’s.  Thanks everyone for coming out and enjoying the day with us.

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