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Liquid Logic Kayaks Located in Fletcher, NC, Liquidlogic Kayaks focuses on creating the highest quality kayaks in whitewater and crossover paddling.

Beginning as a dream along the banks of the Green River, Liquidlogic became a reality in 2000. We now manufacture out of a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient factory which provides unparalleled consistency in molding. Combine a production environment unequaled in the paddlesports industry with the most experienced team in the business, and itโ€™s clear how Liquidlogic quickly became a worldwide brand with distribution centers in Europe, New Zealand, Japan, and Russia. Even so, we at Liquidlogic have kept our family as close-knit, strong, and as thriving as ever. With our headquarters just miles from world-class rapids like Gorilla, Sunshine, and Hammer Factor, we consistently push ourselves to create solid, responsive, and innovative kayaks. We make it our goal every day to provide you with the safest, most reliable, and dynamic kayaks on the market. We test every piece as if our very own lives depended on it; we demand high quality; we accept nothing less. With over 100 years of combined paddling experience, Liquidlogic is a unique family of visionary craftsmen, world-class athletes, and industry veterans who know that the difference between good and great kayaks can make or break the best of days. Experimentation with high-volume production helped us realize that to perfect specialized, sustainable designs and constantly refine quality, we need to keep it tight.

Like we said, we started Liquidlogic because we wanted to make great boats. It was that plain and that simple. That desire drove us at the start and propels us every day. As we developed the idea of the company, we found other reasons that made sense to us. We were friends, and we worked great together. We had no problem getting down and dirty to make dreams real. We had a wide range of experience, creative energy, and absolute passion for kayaking. From the start, we were all paddlers, and paddled on all types of water around the world, but the mountains of Western North Carolina had our hearts. Specifically, we loved the Green River.

The Core Values Woody, Shane, Bryon and the rest of the team based Liquidlogic on (ie. paddle awesome boats) remain unchanged today. Love of kayaking, plus people who aim to make a difference, makes up the basic formula for how weโ€™ve grown from a staff that fit in a large sedan in 2000 to a crew of nearly 50 fifteen years later. We are far from outgrowing our goal to work together to make the boats we all want to paddle, and paddling them in all kinds of rivers all around the world.