Kenny fishing on kayak

Kayak Fishing

Get in shallow and catch more fish.

Kayak Fishing! Because You deserve a good Paddling!

The Tampa Bay area has so many options and possibilities when it comes to fishing, and a kayak is an amazing tool for accessing them.  With over crowded boat ramps and inexperienced boaters around.  The kayak gives you the freedom to drop in and go from smaller shallower areas where more fish are located and less boaters go.  

Many of the new fishing kayaks are more comfortable and more stable than ever before.  With frame seats that raise you up off the bottom of the kayak for a dryer ride no more of the old swamp but.  But you are also higher for better visibility for spotting fish.  The stability on many of the kayaks allows for standing if you have some balance.  There are also pedal drive kayaks and motorized kayaks with battery operated trolling motors.  

We can help you with getting on the water and out fishing.  

Fishing Kayaks

Fishing Kayaks from:

  • Native Watercraft
  • Old Town
  • Ocean Kayak
  • Eddyline Kayaks

Fishing Charters

Have a guide show you how its done.

Pedal Drive Kayaks

Getting Hands free!  Means more time with a line in the water.

Kayak Rigging

We can help you set up your kayak for fishing.

  • Rod holders
  • Anchor Trolley
  • Stake out poles
  • Camera mounts
  • Accessory Tracks
  • Lights
  • Rudders

Get Out and Go Paddling


  • Dunedin Causeway (Honeymoon Island or Caladesi Island)
  • Ft Desoto
  • Weedon Island
  • 4th Street (north and south of Howard Franklin Bridge)
  • Upper Tampa Bay
  • Safety Harbor (Philippe Park)
  • Coopers Bayou
  • Tampa South Shore (Little Manatee and Cockroach Bay)
  • Cross Bayou Canal (Bay Pines War Memorial Park)

Fresh Water

  • Lake Seminole
  • Lake Tarpon
  • Hillsborough River
  • Alligator Lake (Clearwater)

You don’t need to register and number your kayak if you only pedal or paddle your kayak. 

However, if you put a motor on it (gas or electric) you will have to register and number it.

There are many of the wide kayaks that are stable enough to stand.  Some come with a strap on the front of the cockpit to help pull yourself up.  

However, even a very stable kayak can rock and roll with the movement of the water and knock you off.  

There are after market leaning or stand assist products (like the Yakattach ComandStand) that will mount to the kayak and help stabilize yourself when standing.

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