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Yakima Showdown on a Jeep Wrangler

Yakima Showdown on a Jeep Wrangler.

We Racked up this Yakima Showdown on a Jeep Wrangler. This is a Jeep Wrangler with Thule Gutter system and the 79” Pro Bar.  The Yakima Showdown easily attached to the Thule Pro Bar.  We loaded the newly purchased Ocean Kayak Caper onto the Showdown that we had previously pulled down to the side of the Jeep before the start of the Video.

To secure the Ocean Kayak to the Showdown we used the Cam straps that came with the yakima Showdown.  We slid the cam strap under the metal rod in the upper cradle and ran both end of the straps on top of the kayak.  We then ran the tail end of the cam strap through the metal bar in the lower cradle, and brought the tail back up to the buckle.  The buckle should be up high for the best leverage pulling down.  Push down on the metal part of the buckle with the spring tab that opens up the teeth, and slide the tail end of the through the space between the teeth that is open when pushing down on the tab. Pull out the slack and cinch the strap tight on the kayak.  Tie off all the extra strapping so it does not flap in the wind or get under tires when driving.  Repeat the strap steps with the second Showdown.    The Bow and Stern where secured with the tie downs that where include with Showdown.  The takedowns where secured to the bow and Stern (front and back) handles. And hooked to the hood tie on the front and the hitch on the back.  These where connected but not tightened.  This way it was easier to reach the end of the kayak before it was raised to the top of the Jeep.  Now that the end where attached we used a step ladder to assist with the hight and grabbed the two handles on the Showdown.  Then lifting out and up bring the kayak and showdown even with the Thule Pro bars and pushed in on the showdown to slide the kayak into place.  Pins with locking wire where used to secure the Showdown from sliding out.  The Bow and stern ties could then be tightened and the Jeep and Ocean Kayak are ready for the Road and new adventures.  This set up was purchased and installed at Osprey Bay Outdoors 160 N. Belcher Rd Clearwater Fl.

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Showdown on a Jeep Wrangler