Used Eddyline Fathom

Used Eddyline Fathom

used eddyline fathom side view

Used Eddyline Fathom

16’5″ Touring Kayak


$1999.99 (New $2699)

The Fathom is sure to please the paddler looking for that extra edge of performance regardless of your skill level.


The Fathom’s highly efficient hull is fast, nearly effortless to accelerate to speed, yet carries a comfortable degree of initial stability. The combination of hard chines mid-ship and a healthy degree of rocker provide high secondary stability making leaned carved turns and bow rudder turns a breeze. The Fathom tracks well either forward or backwards and subtle deployment of the skeg in small increments allows for fine tuning in any wind/wave or gear loaded configuration. It’s full volume front deck provides ample room for longer legs and feet while the contoured thigh braces makes even the small framed paddler feel a secure fit. The Fathom is a must for any paddler looking for a responsive, lively kayak that will not only please but delight you with it’s smooth yet playful nature and it stylish elegant lines.


padded seat with backband
Bow and stern bulkhead and hatches
Day Hatch with third bulkhead
Retractable Skeg
Deck Bungee with safety grab lines
Retractable bow/stern toggle handles


Length: 16’5″”
Width: 22 in.
Weight: 50 lb.
Max-Capacity: 340 lb. (159 kg)

This kayak is used Eddyline Fathom is on consignment, It can be seen at Osprey Bay Outdoors 160 N. Belcher Rd. Clearwater, Fl.