Doggy Dare Trash Can Lock 33 Ga

Doggy Dare Trash Can Lock 33 Ga



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Doggy Dare

Raccoon Proof and Animal Proof Your Garbage Cans

Engineered to Prevent spilled garbage from:

  • Dogs, Bear, and Racoons
  • Winter storms
  • Overstuffed cans

Doggy Dare locks all 33 or 45 gallon garbage canswe are familiar with.
Quick and easy locks easilyย opens with one hand.
Made from the most durable materials and extensively tested to provide superior protection.
Four-point engineered security system includes over ten feet of durable shock cord and heavy duty buckle.


  1. Turn empty trash can upside down and slide Doggy Dare over the bottom so buckle ends extend over open end of can.
  2. Turn can upright and place lid on can.
  3. Connect buckle over lid and Doggy Dare is ready to keep things where they belong–in the can

Garbage Can Lock Specifications:

  • Constructed from over 10′ of durable shock cord.
  • Heavy Duty Plastic Locking Buckle
  • Stainless Steel Hardware

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