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Bay Pines Paddle July 2021

The red tide put a damper on the Fort Desoto location. So, we changed the put in to Bay Pines War Memorial Park and paddle the intercoastal and Cross Bayou Canal to get away from the mass of dead fish.  There were still a few dead stingrays and catfish floating but it did not ruin the day.  It was a warm one high cloud and paddling earlier in the day we avoided the rain that came later in the day.  We paddle north in the intercoastal past the Bay Pines hospital to the boat graveyard.  It was interesting to see all the boats that people have let go and are now leaning on their sides as they lay on the bottom of the shallow water. Or are piled high with nautical debris as a floating hoarder’s paradise. We had lunch on Archies Island and stood in the water to stay cool. With a quick crossing to the takeout to end the paddle.  According to Michaels tracking we did 5 ½ miles.   Thanks to everyone for coming out and bearing with us on the location change. It was a nice day on the water. See you next month.