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Anclote River Paddle Trip Oct 2021

The Anclote River Paddle Trip was supposed to be the Braden River and paddle to the Linger Lodge.  But unfortunately, the Linger Lodge was under renovation and closed.  So, we decided to paddle the Anclote River instead.  I was a lovely day on the water the weather is still warm but not as stifling.  We put in and paddled around Spring Bayou.  Several people commented that it looked like a dead end and didn’t feel like paddling to the end. However, the end of Spring Bayou is where they through the cross for the epiphany and the young men jump in the cold water to retrieve it.   Everyone has heard of it, and it gives it more meaning to paddling through this spot.  We then paddled up the Anclote past the sponge docks with all the fishing boats moored up, or the boats in for repairs lining the shore.  Past the sponge docks you go under the bridge where Alt 19 crosses the river.  Civilization become less dense, and the mangroves take over and the river becomes more winding.  Halfway between Alt 19 and US Hwy 19 is a bike trail that crosses the river.  Just past the bridge is the Park where we stop for lunch.  Paddling under the Bike bridge if you listen you can hear bats that hide under the bridge.  They are up in the gaps between the concrete so it’s hard to see them.  After lunch we continued to the US Hwy 19 bridge where we turned to come back.  It was a great day to be on the water.  A great group of friendly folks to paddle with.  Thank you to everyone for coming out and paddling with us.