You are currently viewing A Splendid Robinson Preserve Paddling Trip June 2023.

A Splendid Robinson Preserve Paddling Trip June 2023.

A Splendid Robinson Preserve Paddling Trip June 2023

A Splendid Robinson Preserve Paddling Trip June 2023.

The Robinson Preserve Paddling Trip June 2023 was a splendid trip to a pretty little park.  Robinson Preserves sandy beach is on of the easiest kayak launches.  The weather was great warm but not blazing hot.  A good breeze also helped make it feel more comfortable. The wind was to our back and it helped push us along out on the flats.  There was a bit of the green algae around but not the big smelly masses that sometimes occur. The tide was very high with a full moon the night before.  The water was over the bike trails in some areas.  It was an easy run down to the lunch take out. When we arrived at the take out for lunch we found a large dilapidated derelict boat that had drifted into the mangroves in front of the take out.  There was still plenty of room to get around it. But it was sad and yet interesting to see it sitting there.  Lunch was good and a relaxing break.  The next run down to the bayou was still helped by the wind pushing us along. The bayou was easy and no oyster bars to avoid with the high tide.  However, with the high tide the Mangrove tunnel took some limbo to get through.  It was so low Kim thought it was the wrong spot at first and came back out.  Every one did there limbo through the mangroves and made it through the tunnel with amazing skill and a few laughs.  The run back to the observation tower was relaxing and we saw several osprey, ibis, and heron in the trees.  Large schools of mullet circled in the canals frequently showing there aerobatic skill flying out of the water.  At the Observation Tower the water was still so high we parked the kayaks on the bike trail to go up the tower.  The climb up the observation tower never fails to disappoint with the great view of the Skyway bridge and surrounding area.  It was a great day on the water thank you everyone for coming out and enjoying the day with us. See you next Month for Bay Pines another local paddle.

Join us next month at The Robinson Preserve