You are currently viewing Valley Nordkapp RM Sea Kayak Used for sale

Valley Nordkapp RM Sea Kayak Used for sale

Valley Nordkapp RM Sea Kayak Used for sale

The Valley Nordkapp is a long running sea kayak design, created in 1975 by Briton frank Goodman. The Nordkapp sleek and sexy lines, intermediate-friendly—yet still expedition-ready—cruiser. A design that’s  been paddled to the ends of the earth, from Norway to Cape Horn and everywhere in between in swell, surf and dead calm.

Ready For The Swell

The Valley Nordkapp RM sports large oval hatches fore and aft, a retractable skeg and moderate stability, which all told make it easier to pack. It’s maneuverable and stable. Its pedigree implies, the Nordkapp is nimble in rough seas and handles better as the load becomes heavier.

Paddled empty, the Nordkapp RM feels bigger and more secure than its narrow beam and shallow depth imply. It’s dry in choppy waves due to its flared, voluminous bow and catches waves predictably in a following sea. Like most British boats, course corrections are best made with hip-initiated turns; the Nordkapp RM is quite maneuverable when paddled on edge and will complete a 360-degree turn in half-a-dozen well-executed strokes. It becomes bomber stable right to the capsize point and cruises easily at 4-5 miles per hour when loaded down for a long trip.

This Kayak is a 2006. It has a PVC Knee Tube with twist lid for storage.  Skeg works but has crimp in cable that requires you to push down on cable when deploying skeg.  The kayak is in solid shape and has been paddled many, many miles. 

Valley Nordkapp RM Specs

Length: 17’9”
Width: 21”
Depth: 13”
Cockpit Size: 29.5” × 16”
Weight: 56 lbs

$499.99 Cash

This Kayak is on Consignment at Osprey Bay Outdoors

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